Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer review

There was a time when a woman wouldn't have been seen dead leaving the house without one of two things: a hat, and a made-up mouth. And while my round face means that hats are something I'm quite happy to see resigned to the past, I often think it's a shame that these days, most women assign lipstick merely to the 'special occasion' section of their makeup bags. 

I do acknowledge though - despite my firm belief in its ability to perk up anything from a boring outfit to a bad mood - that lipstick isn't always practical on a day to day basis. In fact, as a serial snacker and binge tea drinker, I know full well how hard it can be to maintain an artfully applied pout. Even the matte varieties with supposedly herculanean staying power from the likes of Mac and Sephora seem to end up half way down my chin (or nowhere to be found at all) after lunchtime.

But then along came Clinique Pop, and with it what seemed like a makeup miracle: a lipstick that's moistursing, but still stays put. One that has a strong colour pigment, but is also easy to apply.

Makeup brands are forever making outlandish and unrealistic promises with their products, so I was dubious about the primer element at first. But it turns out even this wasn't too far fetched: with its smooth and buttery consistency, your lips do feel soft and moisturised after application, as if you'd applied a balm before adding the colour on top.

Wearing the bold pink, 'Punch Pop' 

Elsewhere, I've seen this lipstick dubbed a 'lipstick for learners', and I can see exactly why. It's a breeze to apply, and doesn't require any fiddling around with lip liners - which makes it ideal for anyone who applies their makeup on the go. Without even having to steady your hand too much, it leaves a neat, bright pop of punchy colour that really does live up to its name.

And whether it's bold reds or pale nudes you prefer, it seems like there's a shade to suit everyone. My personal favourites are the bolder likes of 'Wow Pop' and 'Punch Pop', while 'Melon Pop' is a lovely softer shade of pink for when you're going for a more natural look.

High-end lipsticks don't generally come cheap, and at £16 a pop, Clinique Pop is actually on the lower end of the scale. For one that leaves a polished finish after even the most slapdash of commuter-style applications, plus its oh so pleasing packaging, I'd say this is actually pretty amazing value for money.