Sunday, 28 February 2016

A small announcement

So you know how in 2007 everyone started writing these blog things and talking to a camera in their bedrooms and we all thought they were massive losers who needed to get out more?

Well, it's now 2016 and Zoella's laughing all the way to the bank. 

But in 2016, there also happens to be about a billion people writing their own blogs (ahem..) and just as many sad little trolls commenting on them. Which is why lots of writers have returned to a more old school format...

Yep, it might not have been a novelty since Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks starred in You've Got Mail (what a film), but emails are growing in popularity again. And I've jumped on the bandwagon! 

My newsletter will go out every Monday morning starting this very week and will hopefully brighten up your commute with some words, music, eye candy, links to interesting stuff and other delights.

You can sign up here (it only takes a second!):

P.S masochism isn’t my thing so I've chosen not to be notified if anyone unsubscribes, which means if you do sign up and decide I'm clogging up your inbox about as much as LinkedIn, you can sidle off without me ever knowing!