Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sundays. Let me count the ways…

Reading your book in bed, propped up like the Queen

Eating breakfast, then going straight back to bed

Desert Island Discs

Guilt free tumblin’  

Making your way through the supplements

Ripping out a recipe you'll never get round to making 

Mentally noting a new book you should read or a film you should see

Making like Carrie and co, and meeting up for brunch



All the breakfast food. 

Scrolling through a perfect Instagram feed, looking like a slob

Binge watching a TV show

Going for a walk

Coming back if it starts to rain, and curling up on the sofa

Running around the park, returning with a new ache and a sense of accomplishment

Finally ticking things off your to do list

Listening to Joni

Making your sixth cup of tea

Channeling Mrs Dalloway, and buying flowers for yourself

Leisurely painting your nails while rewatching your favourite film

Sunday roasts, with far too much gravy

A long bath 

Trying (and failing) to mentally prepare for Monday