Tuesday, 18 February 2014

LOTR: the ultimate relationship model

Out of all of Middle Earth, it's the hobbits I've always felt the most affinity with. Aside from an apparent over investment in fiction, this is mostly due to our shared low centres of gravity, reluctance to leave the metaphorical shire, and our hairy toes. Ahem, just kidding...

But perhaps the most distinctly hobbit-like trait I possess is that of a fierce sense of loyalty. Make good friends with me, and you can pretty much guarantee I'll be the one tagging along on the trip to Mount Doom. 

As a wise woman - AKA my mother - once said, 'Some people just have to accept that they'll always be the Samwise Gamgee in life' - yep, we Gardiners love a good Lord of the Rings metaphor. But I'm happy to say that in recent times, I'm pretty sure that I've finally come to terms with my status as such.

As a Samwise, you may be used to playing second fiddle to the more extroverted, natural social-butterflies of your social circle. The Frodos, if you will. If there's a fellowship being drawn up, you're not necessarily in first place for an invite - but that doesn't mean your presence won't be appreciated.

It might, too, take being the victim of a giant spider attack (or you know, your average distressing life event) for others to realise that they won't be destroying any evil rings without some help, and that you'd probably be a good person to have around. Yes, your slightly over earnest and overly cautious nature isn't all bad!

If you don't see yourself as a Samwise, I'm pretty sure that you'll be able to find yourself elsewhere in the fellowship. In fact, I think Tolkien's nine is pretty much the ultimate relationship model. But which one are you..?


It might all seem like fun and games, but you and your best pal are more than just the jokers of the pack. You'd do anything for that fool of a Took.


You're brave and quietly confident, in an unassuming sort of way. You're generally well liked, and most people seem to develop a soft spot for you. You're determined not to bother people, but it's worth remembering that sometimes, a problem shared is a problem halved, or, quite possibly, thrown into the fires of Mount Doom. 


You're a natural born leader - if there's wisdom to be imparted, you're the man for the job. You can be fairly elusive, but just when they think you've let the side down, you'll be there to save the day.

Legolas/ Gimli

You're a little bit intimidating, and as far as first impressions are concerned, yours aren't particularly warm. You can be a bit set on your ways, but with a little time, you'll make the most loyal and funny of friends.


Something of a lone ranger, you usually prefer your own company to anyone else's. You do really care about your friends, but tend to hold a little something back, though luckily, still have a preetty smokin' elfin other half. 


You're seen as quite arrogant and self-assured, when in actual fact, you're really quite insecure. Others are quick to judge you as not the best of friendship material, without realising that actually, you'd have followed them all the way (brother).

Phew. I'm all geeked out.