Wednesday, 29 May 2013

When Girls graduate

My recent state of being is summed up nicely by HBO's GIRLS. I've gone from this:

(Endless cups of tea, dissertation writing and loss of will to live)

To this: 

(Perpetual state of uncertainty, job hunting and stereotypical recent-graduate soul searching)

HOWEVER, if all goes to plan, I'll soon legitimately be doing this:

(General moaning about monotony of working life)

At the moment though, the latter seems a long way off. Which is why, with all kinds of time on my hands, I decided there was no time like the present to start a blog. And hey who knows, maybe some Internet mogul will stumble upon it and be so taken with my ramblings that they'll offer me a job as a professional blogger, like Jenna Marbles' shitty English equivalent.

Delusions aside, hopefully I might actually write things people will occasionally enjoy reading. And it's certainly a slightly more productive used of my time than browsing Tumblr and watching endless repeats of Girls (I may have already offered a subtle hint as to my newly unemployed activities).

Writing this has actually been in the works for a while, but has taken me until now because I fell at the first hurdle - namely thinking of a blog title that doesn't make my stomach clench with embarrassment. I have a newfound respect for authors, singers, and, thinking about it, anyone who has ever parented a child, because coming up with a non-puke inducing name is no easy task.

Attempting to do so, I've discovered that apparently, I am highly unoriginal. I have also discovered, incidentally, that there are many other people in the world with a talent for AWFUL puns (damn you, procrastinasian, whoever you are).

I'd like to thank those who are currently reading this already, as it means you are among the select few who I felt might be remotely interested in this work in progress! And apologies because my first few posts are likely to be recycled things you've already read, but bare with me! New and exciting things coming your way soon (hopefully...).

I have vague ideas of this being a fashion and lifestyle blog, because that's what, in an ideal Carrie Bradshaw type world, I'd like to be writing for a living. But we'll this space!

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